Legal notice


The orders are considered accepted if there is from you a written acceptance.


The digital files delivered by Christophe Durand are conceived with an optimal quality. Christophe Durand is not responsible for an inappropriate use of files.


The graphic concepts are conceived by creative ones for Christophe Durand. It is however possible that these concepts contain resemblances with other creations. They would be the fruit of the chance or bound to a fashionable theme, Christophe Durand could not be held responsible.


The delivery deadlines are indicated for information purposes. In case of overtaking of delivery deadline, no requirement in any way can be accepted, or even the cancellation of the command(order).


Challenges must be made in writing and will be only considered within 14 days after delivery of the goods in your premises(places).


All the products are checked(controlled) before the expedition(shipping). We guarantee them 6 months for possible vices(defects) due to defects or to defective work. Of later direct or indirect requirements are excluded. The replaced goods become our property. For products outside our manufacturings and delivered by we take only the guarantee which the manufacturer signed towards us. We do not guarantee the changes or the interventions which would take place on the other hand without our formal consent. The wear and the natural damages resulting from a careless or not corresponding manipulation are also excluded from the guarantee.


During transgression of the term, we have the right to calculate late-payment interest amounting to 4 % over the discount rate of the BANK OF FRANCE. The customer cannot hold(retain) payments in case of possible later modifications to the delivery. 30 % with order with the validation file of opening of account and pay(balance) in the delivery.


Any demand(request) of cancellation (in writing or e-mail) must be subjected(submitted) to Christophe Durand's acceptance. No cancellation can be accepted for a work in the course of production. The deposit(advance) cannot be paid off.


The rights of the not chosen creative proposals remain Christophe Durand's property. The announcer holds(detains) rights of use for the bought and completely settled model.


Up to the complete payment of the purchase price suited by check, by bills of exchange or by transfer and until their expiration, we save ourselves the property right on all the delivered goods. (Law N 20 335 of the 12/05/80). The customer has to make, immediately, a seizure known imminent or executed by a third(third party) on the reserved goods. The customer supports(bears) the possible expenses of intervention. The acquisition of property by the customer of the rooms(parts,plays) which we delivered in case of modification of the goods reserved for a new affair(business) is excluded.


(General Data Protection Regulation)

The information collected on our christophedurand.eu Web site is registered in a data file.

It allows us it can keep in touch with you.

This information is kept during 2 years and are intended for the only service of christophedurand.eu.

Thanks to the law " Computing and Liberties ", you can exercise your access right in the data concerning you and to make them rectify by contacting contact@christophedurand.eu


· Commitment to take all the precautions to protect the communicated information.

· Commitment in not to reveal not the communicated information.

· Commitment to use the information communicated only to send information, or promotions of our own company.


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